Why is listing your product's applications so important?

It is extremely important to list your products applications on your product profile page. The reason for this is because when a potential buyer is searching for materials that could be the solution for their intended application, they will look at your profile page to see where the material has been used or could be used. Stating the existing or proposed applications for your material will direct the right potential buyer to your page. 

For example, the vendor for Temperature Sensitive Color-Change Fabric is looking for leads where their material can be used in shoes and furniture industry because they have already created products in those industries. The vendor is also looking for leads in the clothing industry because the have listed this as a proposed application. When a potential buyer is looking for a temperature sensitive color change fabric, they will be able to see if this vendors material has the capability to be used in the application they need.

Written by Mary Lucas, Sales and Marketing Manager, on 5.21.10